I am Shawn Power and I am working on a website creating a History of St. Mary’s Bay, Newfoundland and other personal projects such as;

  • All Gravesites from St. Mary’s Bay
  • WW1 Soldiers who served  
  • WW2 Soldiers who served
  • Shipwrecks of Newfoundland
  • And many other projects 

ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.  Thank you for checking out my site

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I want to thank you so very much for this site. I didn’t find out my Grandparent were from Newfoundland until I was in my late 50’s basically. It has been wonderful to find everything I can about all the family I had and didn’t know. Unfortunately, everyone is passed, but the house pics and gravestones, are helping me try to recreate their lives in my mind.


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